Visiting our hospitals

Visiting a friend or relative in hospital makes such a difference to both patients and their loved ones. For patients, it boosts morale and aids recovery and for you as a visitor it provides reassurance about the care being provided and helps you to play a part in planning that care.

We want to offer as much flexibility as possible around your circumstances or our patients' needs, but we would ask you to respect the official visiting times.

Official daily visiting times are:

2.30pm to 4.30pm

6.30pm to 8pm

Please note that in some wards, the times may vary slightly. This is at the ward Sister's discretion so please check when you first visit the ward.  We understand that we need to be flexible for patients with particular needs.

Please ensure that no more than two people visit at one time.  Please do not feel that you have to stay for the whole of the visiting period - the person you have come to see needs to rest and recover.

Sometimes we may need to ask you to leave for a short time whilst we deliver some care to your friend or relative, or to patients in neighbouring beds.  Please respect this request and wait until you are informed that it is convenient for you to re-enter.

Please keep noise levels to a minimum.  At all times, please supervise children and for safety reasons please do not allow them to run around busy areas or climb onto beds. 

Please don't visit the hospital if you are unwell.  Please make sure you comply with any infection control instructions from staff.  You should wash your hands on entering and leaving the ward and use the hand gel available.  Please do not sit on patients' beds. 

Please avoid visiting at meal times.  If you wish to help your relative or friend at meal times, please ask the ward staff.  We would ask that you do not bring food products into hospital unless discussed and agreed with ward staff.