A&E services improve significantly

A&E services at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have improved significantly according to an independent patient survey.


The Picker Institute conducted the survey on behalf of the Trust. Patients were selected at random and had attended A&E Departments at Pinderfields, Pontefract or Dewsbury and District Hospitals between January and March this year.


The 275 people who took part were asked questions on a range of topics including arrival, waiting, care and treatment, tests and environment and facilities.


98% of patients said the department was clean or very clean, 93% praised doctors and nurses for working well together and 90% rated reception staff as excellent, very good or good (90%).


The results show the Trust has made significant improvements in cleanliness and privacy since the last survey which was in 2008.  Fewer patients were concerned about there not being enough privacy when talking to a receptionist about their condition, when discussing treatment with the doctor or when being examined or receiving treatment.


The Trust also measured up well against other Trusts performing significantly better than average on 23 of the survey questions, including around waiting, privacy when being examined and patients being involved in decisions about their care.


85% of patients said that overall they felt they were treated with respect and dignity.


Matt Shepherd, Clinical Director for the Division of Medicine and Consultant, said: “While these results are incredibly encouraging we are by no means complacent. The emergency departments continue to be very busy and the survey has helped us to identify areas where we can make improvements to further enhance patient experience.”


The main area that patients felt improvements could be made was around communicating with people when they are leaving the department. Steps have already been taken to address this, including the development of printed information on medication to give to patients.


A&E Survey- Picker Institute [pdf] 1MB