Alice's birth experience at the birth centre at Pinderfields Hospital

Alice gave birth to baby Redge weighing 7.8lb at Pinderfields Birth Centre on 7th June 2020.

Photo of Alice and baby Redge and Student midwife Rhianna


My pregnancy was a nightmare to begin with. I suffered with severe hyperemesis from 4 weeks right up until week 28 of my pregnancy and was sick over 10 times most days. Finally after week 28 I felt so much better was so happy for it to have finally pass.

My birth plans were to go to the birthing centre at Pinderfields Hospital. 

Birth of baby Redge

My birth with Redge was a totally different experience to 6 years ago when I was induced with my first baby Ted who was 2 weeks overdue. I was induced and this was a long process so this pregnancy all I wanted was to go into labour naturally and not be 14 days overdue!     

When my labour with Redge began, I woke up with light period-like pains and at 1pm my waters broke! I decided to stay at home and wait for things to progress. I got admitted to the birthing centre at Pinderfields Hospital the following at around 4am. It was so surreal walking into the place I work knowing I would be leaving with a baby! At this point I was 4cm dilated. From there my contractions were getting stronger and stronger and more frequent. Using only gas and air I finally gave birth to Redge at 8:22am a week early at 39 weeks weighing 7.8lb. Redge, I had skin to skin straight away and shortly after so did his dad. It was a lovely experience.

My midwives Caroline and student midwife Rihanna stayed with me throughout my birth from the moment I arrived. I found it lovely that both of them stayed after their shift had ended as they both wanted to meet Redge. There was a funny moment where I told them to leave and go home as there shift had finished and with me also working 12 hour shifts on a different ward I know how tiring it is but both of the lovely ladies stayed and supported me.

Their professionalism was second to none, they made me feel so calm and relaxed and I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you so much both of you lovely ladies.

Student midwife Rhianna says:

It was an absolute pleasure to care for Alice and Mark and help to bring baby Redge into the world! Alice did absolutely amazing when birthing baby Redge - especially since he was actually born looking straight at us as he was back to back! Both myself and my mentor Caroline were overwhelmed with joy and emotion the minute Redge was born. As a third year student due to qualify very soon - I’ll never forget the moment Alice grabbed my arm after the birth and cried and said “You’re an amazing midwife”. Congratulations again Alice, Mark and of course Ted on the birth of baby Redge.

Alice’s message to women who are due to give birth during Covid-19

I gave birth during Covid-19, and it was such a strange experience with the midwives wearing face masks, but I felt so relaxed and at ease. It’s such a surreal time at the moment and there’s a lot to worry about but I couldn’t have asked for better support during my birthing experience at the birthing centre at Pinderfields Hospital.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and huge congratulations to Alice and her family from all of us at the Trust.