Ambulatory Emergency Care

Our Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) unit is based at Pinderfields Hospital. It cares for medical patients who need a quick diagnosis and treatment and can potentially be treated without the need for admission to a hospital bed. 

The service is staffed by a dedicated team of consultants, doctors, advanced nurse practitioners and healthcare assistants and enables patients to be seen more quickly.

As well as providing rapid care for non-critical patients, it also relieves pressure on the A&E department, allowing it to focus on seriously ill patients who do need to be admitted into hospital.

Most patients who attend the unit will be referred from the A&E department or directly by their GP.

Patients prefer it because they don’t have to stay in hospital any longer than they need to. They are able to be at home with their families overnight even though tests and treatments may still be ongoing within the hospital.

Patients themselves do not need to do anything differently. As always, people are urged to only attend A&E in a genuine emergency and to consider whether alternatives – like their GP or pharmacy – would be more appropriate.