Appointments and procedures

This section provides information regarding patient appointments and procedures.

Please follow the latest Government advice:

Your appointment or procedure

All outpatient appointments and diagnostic tests are continuing to run. Please do turn up for your scheduled appointment as long as you do not have any Covid symptoms – remembering to socially distance and to wear a face mask. Please also note that you must continue to attend your appointments, and our A&E departments or UTC alone. There are some exceptions in maternity.

We are currently still running elective surgery but this is under constant review subject to operational pressures, and we are keeping our patients updated.

If you are coming for a procedure, surgery or treatment

We have taken extra steps to protect patients from the spread of COVID-19. Wards and theatres have been split into dedicated zones in order to ensure patients coming for procedures are kept away from patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

COVID-19 symptoms:

  • If you or member of your household develop COVID-19 like symptoms at any time prior to your operation, treatment or diagnostic tests, please do NOT attend the hospital. Please contact: 01977 747344 and also arrange for a COVID-19 Test


  • We will arrange for you to have a COVID-19 test 2-3 days before the day of your procedure or surgery. You will be advised to self-isolate and stay at home from the day of the test until you come to the hospital.
  • You will only be able to have your procedure or surgery if you have had a COVID-19 negative test result within 2-3 days of your procedure or surgery AND display no COVID-19 symptoms.

Please see the following pdfs which include where you will need to go to be tested at our hospital sites:

2087a Where should I go to be tested Pinderfields.pdf [pdf] 257KB

2086b Where should I go to be tested DewsburyDistrictHospital.pdf [pdf] 178KB

2054b Where should I go to be tested Pontefract.pdf [pdf] 731KB

Self-isolation/social distancing:

  • If you are at greater risk of getting COVID-19 or having a poorer outcome if you get it, you may want to self-isolate for a period of time before your planned procedure. We advise that you speak to your clinician about this.
  • After surgery, you may have a greater risk of developing infections so your clinician may advise you to self-isolate for a period of up to 3 weeks once you have left the hospital.

If you have any concerns or questions about how to prepare for your procedure or surgery, please contact the Patient Liaison and Advice Team (PALS) on Tel: 01924 542972

Patient information leaflet

You can download the patient information leaflet  2055d Important changes to your treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.294KB, which tells you how you can prepare for your treatment.

Visit our website pages for information about video appointments and cancer support and treatments