Areas of Research

We have a broad range of expertise in research delivery across a range of areas. This is growing all the time and we have the flexibility to move into new clinical areas as needed. headline stats

Our recent successess include:

  • The Multiple Sclerosis [MS] registry, a ground-breaking study designed to increase our understanding and knowledge of living with MS in the UK.. We have supported 183 patients to take part in this study and have one of the highest levels of data completeness (a sign of high quality) across the country. 

Katie Tuite-Dalton Communications Officer at Swansea University Medical School Trial team said “…Thank you because not only is all the data you are collecting some of the best from all the sites we work with, but you are always willing to go one extra mile.”

  • We have supported 96 patients taking part in I-Care, a study which aims to gain more information about some of the long-term benefits and also some of the health risks potentially associated with certain treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)

The I-CARE UK acknowledge the research team by giving a “Special Mention to Dr Deven Vani and his research team in Mid Yorkshire who are the joint highest recruiters in UK and 4th highest globally- thank you”.

Our news page LINK presents the latest developments of the Research and Innovation team.