Benefits of volunteering


Being a volunteer at Mid Yorks gives you the opportunity to enhance the experience of our patients and their families and support the staff who care for them.

There are many benefits to being a volunteer at MYHT. People often say they volunteer because they've benefited from a service and want to put something back. Some people say that volunteering has been a positive experience which helped them to develop skills that were useful in gaining employment. Others enjoy social networking and make friends or say it is rewarding to see how the time they donate makes a difference both to patients and to staff.

Other benfits include: 

  • helping to make a difference                                                                                          
  • putting a smile on someone’s face                          
  • feeling valued
  • developing personal and social skills
  • gaining confidence and self esteem 
  • experience of working in a hospital environment
  • increasing employment opportunities
  • increasing health and wellbeing
  • feeling part of a team
  • finding quality time away from work or a busy life