Bones and Joints (Orthopaedics)


What is it?

Trauma and Orthopaedics is the name given to the speciality which deals with bones and joints, specifically acute injuries either to bones (fractures) or joints (dislocations or ligament injuries) and associated damage to the structures (tendons, nerves and blood vessels) around them.

Our consultants specialise, and have particular skills, in managing injuries and problems relating to a specific region of the body. For example, the upper limb including: the shoulder, elbow and wrist or the lower limb including the hip, knee, ankle and foot.

At the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, we deal with injuries and problems to all these regions. We don’t deal with problems with the head, neck and spine as these are managed by our colleagues in other hospitals in the Yorkshire region who specialise in spinal surgery and neurosurgery. Your general practitioner (GP) will be able to advise you on a referral for these problems. If you have a problem with your hand, we deal with some of these problems although hand injuries and many other hand conditions are managed by our colleagues in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Most injuries are managed by our department following a referral from the Emergency Department. If you have a problem which has developed over time, a referral can be organised through your GP to the most appropriate specialist. You can see the sub-speciality interests of our consultant staff in the contacts page on this website.

On this site, you will also find information on where we offer our services as well as information concerning contact details for those departments and members of staff.

We have also provided information for patients about some conditions and operations, and these can be found on the pages for that particular part of the body.