Career development and education

MY 3 step career pathway

Our three steps career pathway was introduced to: enable clear identification of where a Band 5 nurse is in their career journey; establish that relevant training they have undertaken and need to complete in order to progress to the next step; and to easily identify the level of competence of each nurse. In addition this pathway provides clear identification of nurses that have the transferable and interchangeable skills to support permanent wards and/or extra capacity wards. The pathway consists of three levels: 

  • Fresher Nurse / Registered Nurse Graduates
  • Junior Nurse
  • Senior Nurse

Nurses are identified by a coloured logo sticker that is attached to their name badge. The results from our evaluation of this approach the majority of adult inpatient areas are using this approach. 

Graduate Nurse Programme

Our graduate nurse programme is designed to promote the values and culture of the Trust as a positive workplace which staff enjoy being a part of. The Graduate Nurse Programme has been planned around the needs of what new nurses told us they wanted;

  • To work in a supportive team
  • Reasonable workloads and staffing
  • Job satisfaction
  • To feel valued
  • Plus having a pleasant working environment

Navigator Programme

Our Navigator Programme is an excellent way to expand and build your career portfolio. If you are a newly qualified nurse and unsure of the area you want to specialise in, or an experienced nurse looking to expand your knowledge and skills in all areas of a speciality, the Navigator Programme is ideal. Each Navigator Programme will provide you with the opportunity to rotate between divisional specialities or cross divisions depending on the pathway chosen. This programme runs for 16 months, with nurses spending four months in each of the their four chosen areas. At the end of the rotation you will be offered priority to work in their preferred areas.

RCN clinical leadership

We deliver two cohorts of a twelve month RCN Clinical Leadership Programme, aimed at aspiring and current clinical leaders who feel they would like to develop their leadership skills further at Band 6 and 7 or equivalent.

Throughout the programme candidates will develop their leadership skills using a bespoke coaching framework and throughout the programme will:

  • Lead a service improvement project in their workplace
  • Learn the most effective way to manage change in the clinical environment
  • Experience coaching as a supportive development tool and understand how to coach colleagues