Caring for those at the end of their life

If you, or a loved one, are admitted to hospital due to coronavirus our teams will do all they can to nurse you back to health, so that you can be discharged back to where you usually live.

Sadly, as we all know many people around the world are not surviving this disease and there are a number of things we have put in place to help ease this situation for patients, their families and also our staff.

Keeping in touch

There are a number of ways you can keep in touch with your loved one on one of our wards. All this information can be found here.

Connection Hearts

Members of our local community have been making matching pairs of knitted / sewn hearts to send to relatives who lose a loved one they have been unable to visit. One heart will stay with your loved one as they sadly pass away, and the other will be sent to you from the nursing team. We hope that this will bring some comfort to those who are unable to be there as their loved one passes away.

The Bereavement Office

The office is currently closed for face-to-face appointments with families and loved ones. In the event that your loved one passes away our Bereavement Team will contact you. All medical certificates, including the death certificate will be sent directly to the registrar.

If you do wish to contact the office you can call 01924 541015 / 541016 / 541017.

What happens to my loved ones belongings?

If you are with your loved one when they pass away then you will be given their belongings to take away with you, with instructions on when they will be safe to open and how you should clean/wash them, which can also be downloaded here PF6197b Important information for relatives (002) 20 April 2020  [pdf] 27KB

Otherwise we will make arrangements to return their belongings.