Kate Granger

Dr Kate Granger Compassionate Care Award


Have you had great care and been shown compassion from a member of staff, volunteer or team?

We’re inviting members of the public to nominate our staff for a special award category in our annual staff awards, called ‘The Dr Kate Granger Compassionate Care Award’.*

The award is an opportunity to publicly recognise a member of staff, volunteer or team who is making a positive difference to patients, by ensuring they are treated with personalised care and compassion. It gives patients, relatives and visitors the opportunity to say thank you for the outstanding care and compassion shown to themselves, a relative or a friend.

To nominate a member of staff, a volunteer or a team for The Dr Kate Granger Compassionate Care Award please complete the nomination form here.

Thank you.


* Dr Kate Granger was an inspiring and dedicated consultant in elderly medicine at the Trust who sadly passed away in 2016. She left a very important legacy of the ‘#hellomynameis’ campaign, which encourages healthcare staff to introduce themselves to patients. Trust staff continue to embed Kate’s campaign in their practice so that patients know who they are when they are talking or caring for them.