Most research has a cost because it is usually delivered in addition to usual care. However, even when research is conducted using usual care as a basis, your time to generate data may be additional and will need to be agreed. There may also be other costs associated with your research project which you are unaware of. For this reason every study will require financial approval before it can proceed.

The RM&S team can offer support alongside YHCRN in working together to assess what financial requirements there may be for your study.


Accessing free study support

nursing support The NIHR portfolio is your channel for accessing NHS support service costs, research nursing teams and faster approvals.

The majority of research nurses are funded by the NIHR Comprehensive Research Network (CRN) and only work on portfolio studies.

If your study isn’t on the Portfolio, they can’t support it, it really is that simple – costs for service support follow the same rule. Portfolio studies also gain NHS permission from all participating Trusts through a single submission to the NHS Coordinated System for gaining NHS Permission (CSP).