You will be in hospital as long as you need the care and treatment that it provides. Your doctor and ward team will give you an estimated date (EDD) when you could leave, normally within 24 hours of you being admitted. This is an estimate and will be continually reviewed by the team looking after you, as circumstances can change.

If you are not given an estimated date (EDD) when you could leave, then please ask a member of staff to inform you.

This information will be recorded to ensure your discharge is appropriately planned and communicated:

  • Against your name on the wards white board/electronic screen
  • In your hospital /nursing notes
  • Electronically.

We will ensure that arrangements for leaving hospital are planned with you and if appropriate, with your relative or carer to ensure you have a safe discharge.

If required, we will involve a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, or any other appropriate professional agency in planning your discharge from hospital.

You will not be expected to leave hospital or be transferred to other care until you are medically fit to do so. 

You should also be given a leaflet about leaving hospital. If you haven't had this, please ask a member of staff to get one for you.


Patient information leaflets

Discharge advice following surgery [pdf] 139KB


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