Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - the Trust's commitment

The Trust recognises the diversity and difference that exist within our workforce and the communities we serve across, Pontefract, Wakefield and the North Kirklees area. We will seek to ensure that in the delivery of our services we give proper regard to the needs diverse groups within the workforce and the communities served.

We are committed to promoting inclusive practices in our day to day interactions with all our patients, carers, visitors and staff with respect to race, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, mental or physical disability, religion and belief, sexual orientation, age, maternity or social class.

In line with our Vision and values we will strive to treat all patients, carers, visitors and staff with ‘Respect’ and dignity at all times, to put ‘Caring’ at the heart of everything we do, to ensure that ‘High Standards’ of patient services and experience are provided at all times and ‘Improving’ what we do is our constant ambition.

This is not a new commitment on the part of the Trust;  it is a restatement of our continuing efforts to recognise diversity, embrace difference and engage the workforce and local communities as we go about our business.

What's in a name?

There are a variety of terms used when people are talking about this topic; each one has the potential to conjure up different thoughts, issues and even emotions!

Within the Trust we are increasingly using ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ as terms to reflect what we are seeking to do and to move away from ‘equality’, as this might be interpreted to suggest that we should be treating everyone equally. However, as the legislation that sets the minimum expectations for public bodies like the Trust is the Equality Act 2010, there will still be times when it may be relevant for us to refer to ‘equalities’ when talking about this agenda.

Read more about the language of EDI, how it developed and how we use it in the Trust by visiting: Understanding the language of EDI.

Accessing information about EDI in the Trust

Below are links to a range of information on how the Trust is progressing its approach to EDI and responding to the Public sector Equality Duties:

If you cannot find the information you are looking for using the links above, if you have any further questions or if you want to explore matters further, contact Gordon Smith, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, via email at gordon.smith@midyorks.nhs.uk or by telephone on 01924 543551.