Getting started with a research study

light bulbDo you have a research idea?

Doctors and healthcare professionals know a great deal about health, disease and treatments, but there are still some things that are unknown. Research can help find answers to things that are unknown, filling gaps in knowledge and changing the way that doctors and healthcare professionals deliver care. This means that treatment, care and patients’ quality of life can be improved.

We support a wide range of research studies that examine the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various health conditions. It is through research that we can understand how we deliver care better and find ways to treat patients in a better way?

Your research journey can start in one of three ways:

As a student

Designing a new study

Using Mid Yorks as a research site

clinical researcher

All research taking place at Mid Yorks needs to be managed through the RM&S team. The review process ensures that all research is conducted within the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care and that Mid Yorks has the capacity and capability to support the study. 

Review Process

Step 1 - Initial discussion

Contact the RM&S team on 01924 543175 or email for an initial discussion of your idea. If you have already designed your study and would like The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to be a site please email We can help with Expressions of Interest and early feasibility queries.

Step 2 - Feasibility investigation

Your idea is considered by the teams involved in delivering the study in light of the resources required to conduct the study. How much time is needed to carry out the study? How many patients are needed for the study? Is there exisiting study material on your idea? Is there a financial cost to the study?

Step 3 - Application and review

All these and other questions are answered to understand the running of the study at our site. This process will depend on whether your study is adopted onto the NIHR portfolio or not. We can advise you on the local process which suits your study.

For information on national approvals for research in the NHS please see Health Research Authority and Integrated Research Application System

Non-portfolio studies will also be reviewed by the Mid Yorks peer review group

Step 4 - Conduct research

Our support continues throughout your research trial. See Research Management & Support page for review and amendments.