Frequently asked questions

How do I ask to see my healthcare records?

You can ask to see your records, and if you choose you can arrange to have a copy of all or part of your records. This also applies to x-rays and scans which can be copied for you, usually on CD-ROM which can be viewed on a PC. If you are a patient on one of our wards you can ask a member of staff to contact the Access to Records Department so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

When requesting to view medical records you will need to mention whether or not you require a consultant or member of the medical team to be present so that any questions can be answered regarding the medical terminology used, otherwise, the viewing of any medical records held in a manual filing system will be administered by the Access to Records Department staff. 

Who can apply to see my medical records?

Generally, you can apply if you are able to understand what is involved in applying to see your records. Someone else can apply to see your records if:

  • You have agreed to this in writing
  • You are a child who is able to understand what is involved, and the person applying has parental responsibility for you and you agree to it
  • You are a child who doesn’t understand what is involved and the person applying has parental responsibility for you
  • You are an adult who cannot make decisions for yourself or cannot tell others your decisions and an appropriate power of attorney has been granted for someone to act on your behalf. 

What will I see?

  • If you look at your records in the Hospital either with a consultant or a representative of the Access to Records Department (or both) present you will see a paper record. You can request that certain items be photocopied or printed from a computer system for you to retain
  • Only the consultant  can explain any jargon or words you do not understand
  • You will not be able to take your Hospital records away with you 
  • Some information in your records may be kept from you.  For example, this includes information that: 
    • Could cause serious harm to your, or someone else’s, physical or mental health
    • Could identify another person (except NHS staff who have treated you) unless that person gives their permission 
  • When someone else is allowed to see your records, that person will not receive information that: 
    • You have told NHS staff that you do not want them to have
    • You expected would be kept confidential.

How do I apply?

If you would like to see your health record (or have photocopies) you can contact the Access to Records Department and ask for an application form to be posted to you.  You can either: 

Telephone (01924) 543697/543700, or write to: 

The Access to Records Department
The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Pinderfields Hospital
Aberford Road


How much does it cost?

There is no fee for processing a GDPR or Access to Health Records Act request if information is being requested for the first time. If information has already been supplied previously an administration fee to cover the costs of producing a further copy of the records and postage may apply.

After I’ve applied, how long will it take?

After your correctly completed application form and payment have been received in the Access to Records Office, we will endeavour to process your request within 21 days. 

If it is not possible to process your request within 21 days, we are obliged to satisfy a GDPR request one calendar month or within the 40 day time limit stipulated by the Access to Health Records Act.

What if I think the information is incorrect?

If you think that information recorded about you is incorrect or inaccurate you should initially contact the Access to Records Department who will then take forward your request as appropriate, liaising with the relevant health care professional.

Your request for the record to be amended should be in writing and clearly state the nature of the query. 

If it is decided that the information is incorrect, the incorrect entry will be scored through so that people can still read the information but can see that it has been corrected appropriately.  Normally, we would also include a copy of your request for an amendment to be made and cross reference the amendment with an entry that explains why the change has been made. 

If the health care professional decides that the information is correct, they may not sanction an amendment, however, we can still attach your correspondence so that your concerns are recorded.  This is in line with guidance from the Department of Health. 

What about electronic patient records?

An electronic patient record system is being developed within The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, as well as other databases which record patient information, and these guidelines take into account the changes brought by the implementation of  these systems. 

Requests for information on these systems are treated in the same way as requests for records which are held in manual filing systems, and this information can be printed out or often transferred to CD-ROM.

What if I’m not happy?

If you are not happy about anything connected with your application to see your health records, speak with the Assistant Medical Records Manager who will try to resolve your concerns. 

If you think the matter has not been resolved satisfactorily you can address this through the Trust’s complaints procedure. 

Under the provisions of the GDPR you also have the right of action through the Information Commissioner’s Office. 


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