pinderfields mural

because you mural post

We are extremely excited and proud to team up with The Surface Design Studio, to create a legacy mural, in the theme of a Rainbow.

The opportunity to feature as part of this legacy paying thanks to everyone for all their gestures, efforts, and compassion over recent months, is now upon us. The Mural will consist of images sponsored and submitted by our Communities, for more information about how to sponsor or gift a tile please follow the link below- Every single tile sold will generate a donation to MY Hospitals Charity, so be part of a permanent lasting legacy whilst supporting your local MY Hospitals Charity.

pumpkin carving competition

pumpkin carving poster

Competition time

We understand that this year Halloween will look a little different as our communities may not be able to do the usual trick or treat activities.

Instead we offer a safe family competition to bring everyone together this Halloween with an amazing prize… a custom embroidered ‘Were- Rabbit’

For just £3 you can enter our pumpkin carving competition and in return receive our exclusive Halloween Fundraising bundle, which includes puzzles, bunting, masks and much more…

The voting will take place throughout October upon submission and upload of photos as sent in, and the winner will be announced on the 31st October (Halloween).

For those not on social media please don’t worry we can support you to upload images to enable your work to be part of the voting process , the more ‘likes’ gained per image the better as each ‘like’ counts as a vote... so get your friends, family and co-workers on board to vote on your spooktacular pumpkin work.

We look forward to seeing your amazing designs

For more information please contact the Fundraising Team at – or call 01924 546017 for more information.

  visualite light boxes

visulite light boxes image

We are so proud to be able to share the completed enhancements made in our ultrasound room at Pinderfields Hospital. 

Our Patient Service Manager for radiology and ultrasound Matthew Smith shares his thoughts and feeling on behalf of the team below:

‘We had a vision to create a space that would promote a calming environment for Paediatric and patients with dementia. It was hoped that these light boxes would provide distraction and a focus for patients whilst having an Ultrasound examination.
The idea of the Visualite Ceiling light boxes has been work in progress for a number of months and we are excited to see the beautiful environment that we together with the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Charity (MY Hospitals Charity) have created.
Staff have reported that the images and blue hue provides an instant calming effect not only on patients but also staff.
The Visualite ceiling light boxes are on a separate dimmer switch to the room dimmer switch, this enables the room ambience to be tailored to the individual reporting needs of the Sonographers and Consultant Radiologists utilising the room.
Thank you for the support of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Charity (MY Hospitals Charity) in enabling this piece of work.’

Enhancements like these are simply not possible without the continued support from each of our donors, thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support. 

spinning yarns

Knitted Bear

A huge thank you to the continued support from Spinning Yarns throughout the last few months, they have made some wonderful items and all monies raised has been donated back to our Charity. They've generated over £1500 in total so far, our heartfelt thanks to all that have supported them to reach this incredible amount. Below features just a portion of the great items they've made throughout recent months.



During Lockdown we have all been thinking of ways in which to support our Keyworkers through this period, and none more so than another wonderful young member of our Community called Grace, she held a 24 hour challenge whilst raising monies for our Charity, which generated a fantastic £320 (her total exceeded the Cheque photo).

   Jorgie sponsored silence

Jorgie pictured with gifts

We’ve had the privilege of meeting a young lady called Jorgie this morning who wanted to raise funds for our Children’s Department by taking part in a Sponsored Silence, in doing she raised over £400 and wanted to buy a selection of Gifts for our Young Patients in Hospital.

Emmie from the Fundraising Team received this wonderful donation and was completely blown away by the Families efforts and generosity, they’ve not only gifted items they have taken so much time in adding items to little drawstring bags to gift out.

Thank you so much to Jorgie and Family for your incredible efforts you are our #communityheroes, this donation will make a huge difference to our Young Patients and Families.tour de cul de sac

tour de cul de sac rider photo

Sean Sparke's fundraising cycling 'Tour de Cul de Sac 'event has been a fantastic success, smashing his initial target and raising £3,200.
Members of the Cardiac Rehab team took it in turns to cheer him on throughout the 3 days and the atmosphere in his cul-de-sac was amazing amongst all his friends, family and neighbours.
As a team they all feel very privileged to have been a part of Sean's recovery journey and are so very appreciative of Sean's amazing efforts.
The aim of Cardiac Rehab is to support patients to return to doing what they were doing and enjoying before their Cardiac event.
Sean is a shining example of what can be achieved with excellent healthcare and support, all colleagues that have been involved in his care should be very proud of the great feedback
Kaden Head Shave

Kaden Headshaved image

We had to give a special mention one of our extremely inspirational supporters, who at just 11 years old Kayden decided he wanted to give back to his local NHS Trust, as he lives extremely close to Pinderfields Hospital he set up a fundraising challenge to reach £500 at which point he would shave his gorgeous curly hair off.

He smashed and exceeded his target and took the amazing plunge... Thank you to Kayden for this incredible gesture to his local NHS Charity.

You are a #superhero to us too.hemsworth dragons kits

Hemsworth Dragons kitsA huge thank you to all that have been involved in the Hemsworth Dragons ARLFC Page creation and sales of the incredible shirts, we are so grateful.

Thanks so much, Stay Safe 

Physiotherapy Department Donation

Physiotherapy Equipment Donation

Thank you so much to the generous donor whose £1500 donation has enabled our Physiotherapy department to purchase items such as kettle bells, resistance bands and dumbbells. This equipment will be used to support future patients of our physiotherapy department in their rehabilitation.

Thank You for 2019

We would firstly to thank everyone involved in our events over the past year; Friday 5th July saw our Big Tea event for the NHS' 71st Birthday,  Saturday 6th July saw the first time we entered the Wakefield Rotary Club Dragon Boat Race, and Sunday 8th September saw 18 runners take part in the Great North Run on behalf of our charity.

Staff, businesses & members of the local community are central to us as a Charity achieving our goal of improving patient care in Mid Yorkshire Hospitals; none of this could have been done without your support.

New Year 2020

Our 2019 Recapped

As 2019 comes to a close we'd like to take a look back at what has been such an incredible year for our charity! We've seen more events, support and engagement than ever and thanks to this we've been able to support our hospitals in enhancing the care and experience of patients.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, we truly look forward to see what's next for our charity, and we expect 2020 to be even bigger! 

Christmas 2019 Totals

Christmas events 2019

We are so proud to announce that monies raised from all of our Christmas events totalled £1,025.26! Thank you so much to everyone who got involved or donated, we really appreciate everything you do to help our hospitals do more. This will go such a long way to enhancing the care and experience of our patients.

Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019

On Wednesday 30 October from 1pm to 4pm, the MY Hospitals Charity team will be in the Pinderfields main atrium to discuss with the public the ways that they can contribute and help our hospitals do more. Pop along for a chat and to share in the Halloween spirit!

The final performance dates are the 11th and 18th of December, around 1pm.

Reminiscence Therapy Unit Donation

Reminiscence Unit Donation

We are so grateful to be in the position to share our A&E Department has had a My Improvement Network Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities 'RITA' Unit donated to calm and relax patients living with Dementia whilst being treated in our Emergency Department.

Anita Ruckledge (Lead Dementia Care Nurse), Kirsty Jowett (Fundraising Manager), Sister Amy Johnson and Sister Cara Fleming (pictured left-to-right) were thrilled to receive the unit; Anita added "This will be so valuable in providing comfort and therapy to our patients with cognitive impairments"

Thank you so much to My Improvement Network for kindly offering to donate this unit to our Emergency Department. MY Hospitals Charity and the ED team are so incredibly grateful; on behalf of our Patients, Families and Carers - thank you!

You can find out more about the units donated at:

Great north run 2019

gnr collage

The Great North Run 2019 was clearly bigger than the last year for MY Hospitals Charity; 18 runners took part and completed the 13.1 mile challenge on behalf of our charity, collectively raising over £7000 for our hospitals in Wakefield, Dewsbury & Pontefract! We are so thankful for the commitment these runners have shown in preparing for the run, and for their  fundraising efforts.

hazel j. pope's funeral donations

hazel pope

“Service Not Self” 

This is the motto by which Hazel J. Pope lived her whole life.  A lifelong Christian, she was forever giving people bunches of flowers, often picked from her own garden and usually in little vases she’d buy in charity shops. This generosity was reflected at her funeral where she not only asked that everyone receive a flower from her as they left, but where thoughtful donations from family & friends totalled an incredible £2503.12, to go to our Stroke Unit.
Her family said, “We’re very grateful to all the doctors, nurses, chaplains, family and friends for helping make Hazel‘s last fortnight a very special time for us all.” 
The donations will go such a long way to improving our patient experience and we are deeply thankful to the family for thinking of us in such an emotional time.

Repose Pressure cushions

Pressure Cushions

Our Tissue Viability and Medical Physics Team are very excited to announce that as a result of support received from MY Hospitals Charity they have been able to purchase a large quantity of Repose (Pressure Relieving) Cushions (pictured above).

This will help our organisation, to aid and respond to the prevention of pressure ulcers for patients when sitting. It has been a long journey to reach their goal, and we now want to celebrate the achievement with our teams who played a key player in making this vision a reality for the benefit of our Patients.

collins family donation

Collins Donation

We are so thankful for the kind support our hospitals receive from the communities we serve, such as the heartfelt donation made recently in memory of Mrs Irene Collins from her family to Gate 44, in recognition of the excellent care that she and her family received during Irene's final days.

Donations such as these go a long way to improving the care and environments here at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, in turn supporting our staff to provide the highest level of care on the wards, for that we cannot be more thankful to the family for this incredibly heartfelt gesture.

former mayor's support

Former Mayors Support

We had the privilege of being invited to the former Mayors handover on July 29th; Councillor Stuart Heptinstall supported our Adult and Children’s Burns Unit during his term of office for 2018/19. Our sincere thanks for Councillor Stuart’s support and all that played a part from Wakefield Council, this will support our amazing colleagues within the Burns Unit teams to provide those added extras for the benefit of our Patients.

ramble fot rosewood

Ramble for Rosewood

We are so proud of the amazing staff and patients at Dewsbury's Rosewood Specialist Palliative Day Support & Therapy unit for holding the Ramble for Rosewood from 22nd July which has so far raised £1052 for their unit. This is such an incredible commitment from everyone involved, for whom we are so thankful.

rotary dragon boat race

rotary dragon boat race

MY Hospitals Charity had three staff teams, Medicine, ABC Team & ‘Surgery Pirates’ , for the Rotary  Dragon Boat Race on 6th July, all of whom competed to demonstrate their athletic prowess with the goal of raising as much money for MY Hospitals Charity as possible so we can help our hospitals do more.

It came down to a photo finish, but the winners of the 2019 Dragon Boat race between our 3 teams were the Division of Medicine team!

Above all of this our teams managed to collectively raise an incredible sum totalling over £3500 for MY Hospitals Charity. Thank you to everyone involved!

NHS 71st birthday big tea event

NHS Big Tea

We are proud to share totals raised so far from our Big Tea event last Friday 5th July stands at £741.21. This is a fantastic 'gift' to the NHS in recognition for it's 71st Birthday on the same date.
A massive thanks to everybody that supported during and throughout we are so incredibly grateful. What an amazing amount to raise for the benefit of our patients. 
On behalf of our staff, patients and families thank you!