Helpful Information

On this page you will find some useful information through our series of leaflets and links to local and national organisations offering help and advice on all stages of your pregnancy.

Information for patients who are induced and return home as an outpatient until closer to the delivery.

Feel free to download and print.

Please note - some of the guidance in these documents has been slightly changed due to the covid-19 pandemic - please visit the Changes to maternity services web page and refer to this alongside the information below:  


Covid-19 information for women who are pregnant 

My Pregnancy Journey Booklet  [pdf] 2MB - Helping you make decisions about your care
Choosing where to have your baby _[pdf] 230KB
Telephone triage (Mat).pdf 168KB
Weight management in pregnancy. [pdf] 175KB
1650c Outpatient Induction of labour [pdf] 147KB
1764b Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) [pdf] 140KB
1097h Alcohol in pregnancy.pdf 157KB
1170h Domestic abuse. indd.[pdf] 167KB
Information for women experiencing mood and changes in pregnancy.pdf [pdf] 135KB
Vaginal birth after caesarean.[pdf] 174KB
When your waters break early.[pdf] 267KB
External Cephalic [pdf] 159KB
VTE and your pregnancy [pdf] 158KB
When your waters break before labour begins at 37 weeks [pdf] 127KB
Gestational Diabetes  - A guide to help you through pregnancy [pdf] 156KB
You are having twins or triplets.[pdf] 223KB
Antenatal, birth and postnatal care at Bronte Tower [pdf] 304KB
Maternity ward visitors [pdf] 167KB
Low pregnancy associated plasma (PAPPA).[pdf] 136KB
Exercise after pregnancy loss.pdf 639KB


Elective Caesarean section [pdf] 255KB
Use of water for labour and childbirth [pdf] 137KB
Obesity in pregnancy pain relief and anaesthesia [pdf] 139KB
Non epidural pain relief [pdf] 165KB
1103g Positions in labour [pdf] 195KB
1094h Support in labour [pdf] 156KB
Induction of labour [pdf] 170KB
Preterm labour.[pdf] 193KB
Cervical stitch.[pdf] 148KB
Preventing preterm birth.[pdf] 129KB
Listening to your baby's heartbeat.[pdf] 168KB
Vaginal birth after caesarean.[pdf] 174KB
Having a baby before 30 weeks - Magnesuim Sulphate as protection against cerebral palsy.pdf  2MB
Taking your placenta home [pdf] 145KB 

After the birth

Vitamin K for your baby.pdf 150KB
Care after caesarean section [pdf] 165KB
Advice following 3rd and 4th degree tears.[pdf] 168KB
Handle with care -A guide to keeping your baby safe [pdf] 467KB
Maternity Ward Visitors.pdf 139KB
Advice following early neonatal death.[pdf] 183KB
Advice for parents following still birth.[pdf] 190KB
Recovery After Sepsis [pdf] 2MB

Feeding your baby

For more information visit the infant feeding webpage: 

Smoking in pregnancy

For more information visit the smokefree pregnancy webpage: 

Screening tests

Low lying placenta.pdf 153KB
Low PAPPA in pregnancy. [pdf] 134KB
Obstetric cholestasis.[pdf] 145KB
Anti D Immunoglobulin information.[pdf] 137KB

Epidural information

Tinzaprin and epidural analgesia.pdf 177KB
Information about epidurals or spinals for pregnant women with back problems [pdf] 134KB
Post epidural and spinal discharge advice (pdf )141KB
Epidural in pain relief [pdf] 134KB

Here are some useful information leaflets our Maternity colleagues at Leeds have kindly shared with us;

Birth plan - easy read [pdf] 205KB
An easy read guide to pregnancy [pdf] 496KB


Some information leaflets are also available in foreign languages, which can be found on these links:

Screening tests for you and your baby leaflet  

Fetal Movements

UNICEF Feeding you baby information


Useful links

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