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Do you want to find out more about birthing your baby at home? Woman holding baby after just giving birth

We have a dedicated team of experienced home birth midwives who will offer support and be by your side throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

Here you’ll find details about the advantages of giving birth at home, possible transfers, about the team and how to refer yourself to have a discussion about whether this option is right for you.

We’ve also included links to useful websites and further reading. We are also pleased to share with you some stories from families about their homebirth experiences.

As a team of eight midwives, we have a passion for providing women-centred care, offering evidence-based information and supporting choice to empower you throughout pregnancy to achieve the birth you want in your own environment. We aim to ensure the care is tailored to you as an individual, and your birth partner and family.  

Latest evidence shows that when having an uncomplicated pregnancy, especially with a second or subsequent baby, that it’s safer for women to birth their babies at home than in hospital.  Women at home require less pain relief, are less likely to need medical intervention and are more likely to be satisfied with their experience during their labour and birth.

Watch the video below where women talk about their home birth experiences:

Birthing at home has the following advantages:

  • Familiar surroundings help you to feel safe and more relaxed.
  • Privacy – allows you to relax which helps reduce adrenaline and aids the hormones needed for labour and birth.
  • Control – as midwives we are your guests, you maintain control.
  • You don't have to interrupt your labour to go into hospital.
  • If you have other children, you will not need to leave them.
  • Home birth is family inclusive, with partners and children having a more active role  in the experience.
  • Shorter labour lengths due to all of the above.
  • Low intervention rates.
  • Increased wellbeing and breastfeeding rates.
  • You can mobilise freely, use mood lighting and music.
  • The option to use a birthing pool during labour at home.
  • Hypnobirthing.


Occasionally there is the need to be transferred to hospital if there are any complications. This is done calmly and safely and your midwife is equipped to deal with the situation and will accompany you to the hospital. As of 1st July 2020, we have transferred 5 women in labour and are immensely proud of that figure as it equates to a transfer rate of only 11%.

Home birth stories

As a team we have had the pleasure off attending some of the most beautiful births of our careers. 

Please read these recent birth stories from Nikki and Victoria who both gave birth at home during the Covid-19 pandemic: 

image of Nikki, baby and midwife DonnaNikki describes her home birth experience as empowering, instinctive, loving and joyful, gave birth to baby Emyrah on 11th June at home in a birthing pool

Victoria, her partner and baby and midwife AdrianaVictoria describes her 'perfect home birth' where she gave birth to baby Brooke Erin on 26th of April at home in a birthing pool.


Further feedback from Emily who birthed her daughter at home in December 2019 – right beside the Christmas tree….

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter at home after having a successful homebirth with my first child.  For me home birth has always been a ‘no brainer’, as you get to stay in the comfort of your own home.  I would highly recommend homebirth to anyone. It is the most natural thing for your body to do and what better way to do this than in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

If you decide to go ahead with a planned home birth, your care will be carried out within your own home by the MY Home birth team. This allows you to build a relationship with the team throughout your pregnancy, and when in labour a member of the team will attend and stay with you for the duration until after delivery. This trusting and close relationship that builds between yourself and the team helps when you are in labour, enhancing your experience and improving outcomes.

The team will continue to care for you during the postnatal period, with extended postnatal care provided when required to support the transition into parenthood. Additional breastfeeding support will be provided as we as reassurance regarding any other areas of concern.

Birthing pools

The MY Home birth team are able to offer a home water birth service.  We hire out birthing pools (complete package), free of charge.  Please click here for more details about benefits of water births.


In the very near future, we will be able to offer hypnobirthing, and the following links to Emma’s Diary Hypnobirthing page explain and provide further information.

Meet the midwives session

Once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted – we will also be returning to ‘Meet the Midwives’ group sessions. This will enable you and your partner to meet the full team which provides a fantastic opportunity to answer any questions you may have around homebirth.  We demonstrate the size and use of the birthing pools, and more importantly, we have families who attend the sessions who love to share and discuss their own homebirth experiences and answer any questions you may have. 

Contact details

If you are interested in discussing the option of a homebirth with a midwife from the team, please e-mail us on midyorks.homebirth@nhs.net

Alternatively, please speak to your Community Midwife and they will refer you to the team.

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