Improving end of life experience

The end of life experience we provide to our patients, relatives and visitors has been identified as a key area for improvement.

To help improve the service a number of things have been introduced. A door notice is now displayed when an end of life patient is in a side room. This will promote privacy and ensure staff are more sensitive to family and patient needs.  

Also, with the help of volunteers, we are introducing compartment drawers to our wards. These will contain personal items, comfort essentials and information leaflets to support patients, relatives and visitors during the last days of the patient's life.

The drawers will be regularly stock-checked by our volunteers and will include the following items:

For the patient:
Information leaflet 'information for your palliative care and end of life care'
Syringe driver bags 

For the relative/visitor:
Information leaflet 'Care in the last hours or days of life'
Information leaflet ‘Chaplaincy service'
Comfort packs
Patient's personal belongings bag