Keeping our hospitals clean

Photo of cleaner

Like hospitals all over the country infection prevention and control is a priority here at Mid Yorkshire and we all have a part to play in protecting patients from infection whether you are a member of staff or visitor to our hospitals.

We are proactive in our approach to controlling hospital acquired infections such as MRSA, we do this in a wide variety of ways, including:


  • Alcohol hand wash at the entrance to all wards for use by staff, patients and visitors
  • A trained team of staff to clean all areas of the hospitals on a daily basis
  • A dedicated infection control team, lead by a director of infection control and prevention who oversees the implementation of infection control policies and makes sure infection control issues are reported to Trust Board level
  • Ensuring our staff follow a 'bare below the elbow' policy 
  • Use of appropriate protective clothing for staff and visitors
  • Regular infection control training for staff
  • Link nurses with a special interest in infection control have been placed on every ward. 
  • All patients are screened for MRSA either when admitted acutely or prior to admission for an elective procedure. For more information on this work please visit MRSA screening


Our Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report 2016-17.pdf [pdf] 2MB contains the latest information on our infection prevention and control work.

For more information see: