Leaving Hospital

It is important we work together to plan for you leaving hospital. You should be given a leaflet about 'Getting ready to leave hospital'. If you haven’t had this, please ask a member of staff to get one for you. A copy of the leaflet can also be found here;  Getting ready to leave hospital [pdf] 233KB

You will be in hospital as long as you need the care and treatment. Your doctor and ward team will give you an estimated date when you could leave, which will be continually reviewed by the team looking after you, as circumstances can change.

leaving hospital 

We will ensure arrangements for leaving hospital are planned with you and if appropriate, with your relative or carer to ensure you have a safe discharge. If required, other professionals will be involved in planning your discharge from hospital. e.g. physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers.

Discharge and transfer hub (Pinderfields Hospital) and discharge lounge (Dewsbury) - on the day you leave hospital, you may be transferred to the discharge lounge where the final arrangements will be made.We will ring your relatives or friends to pick you up from the discharge lounge if this is required. A date and time for your return home will be agreed with you, your relatives and/or carers in advance.

Getting home - we expect people to arrange transport home themselves. Hospital transport can only be provided on medical grounds if no other form of transport is appropriate. If you have any problems getting home please tell us as soon as possible, so we can help you make plans.

Medicines to take home - if required, we will make sure you have enough medicines to go home with. We will make sure your GP knows if there has been any changes made to your medicines. The nurse will talk to you about how to take your medicines and any side effects to watch out for once you go home. Further supplies should be obtained from your GP.

Medicines helpline - If you have any questions about your medicines please contact the MY Medicines helpline where a pharmacist is available to help: 01924 541398 Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. Outside these times, call 01924 541000 to be put through to the ward you were discharged from. 

Follow up appointment or care - before you leave hospital you will be given information about any follow up treatment or care you may need.

GP follow up - after leaving hospital you will not automatically receive a follow up visit from your GP. A visit will only take place if there is a medical need. Please contact your GP in the usual way if you have any concerns about your health.

Sick notes - your employer may require a sick note. Please ask a member of staff who is caring for you if you need one.

Pensions and benefits - in some cases benefits and pensions may be reduced when staying in hospital over long periods. Please contact your local Department of Work and Pensions or Citizens Advice Bureau for more information.

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