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Declaration of Interests, Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship

A register of interests of members of the Trust Board is maintained by the Company Secretary and is available on the Trust board page. The Company Secretary also maintains a register of interests, gifts, hospitality and sponsorship for all staff. To access any of the items, please contact the Company Secretary


The Trust uses many contractors and suppliers who support our business. 

Most commonly, Trusts purchase through:

  • National framework contracts
  • NHS Supply Chain Link
  • Individual Trusts' local contracts
  • Consortium contracts, where a group of Trusts work together to negotiate contracts

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) brings together policy, advice and direct buying; providing commercial services to the public sector and saving money for the taxpayer. CCS is an executive agency, sponsored by the Cabinet Office.


NHS Supply Chain provides patient-focussed healthcare products and supply chain services to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).  An end-to-end supply chain services incorporate procurement, logistics, e-Commerce and customer and supplier support. Working with a range of suppliers across diverse product categories to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products. NHS Supply Chain was formed from the NHS Logistics Authority and parts of the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (PASA). Operated by DHL (DHL Supply Chain Limited) on behalf of the NHS Business Services Authority.


The Trust supports the local supply chain where possible, using a number of local suppliers to support Trust Services.

The Trust's Procurement Policy includes a section on governance which covers the following issues and ensures the Trust works in an ethical and responsible way:

  • Ethical procurement
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Procurement
    • Packaging and Waste Dirfective
  • Conflicts and Declarations of Interest
  • Openness and accessibilty
  • Freedom of Information
  • Press releases
  • Bribery Act

In accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act, the Trust is committed to ensuring workers are not exploited, are safe, have the right to work and remain in the country and their emnployment standards and human rights are adhered to. The Trust expects the same from its suppliers and is committed to working with them to ensure any issues are identified and proatively managed.


A Register of Directors' interests is available on the Trust board page.