Meet the infant feeding team

Hello my name is Leigh-Anne Hartley...

Leigh-anne Hartley breastfeeding specialist midwife I 'm the Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife. My role is to train staff within the trust to help support families to feed their babies. I also run specialist clinics three days a week where families withcomplex feeding needs can be seen and given further in-depth support.  I support infant feeding developments within the Trust and promote breastfeeding awareness in all of our sites. 

Hello my name is Katie Smithson...

Katie smithson tongue tie specialist I am the Tongue-tie Lead Midwife for the Trust. Most babies have a lingual frenulum and this is normal anatomy. However in some babies this lingual frenulum may restrict tongue mobility and function, and a division of the lingual frenulum may be recommended to improve feeding. This procedure is called a frenulotomy. I work as part of the Infant Feeding Team and my role is to review breastfed babies who are experiencing feeding problems with a suspected tongue-tie. I am fully qualified to assess tongue-ties and perform frenulotomy procedures, and I run a weekly specialist clinic for babies up to 28 days from birth that are born at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Hello my name is Shelly Gascoigne...

Shelly gasgoine

As a trust we are striving to achieve UNICEF BFI accreditation stage 2 by November 2020.

My role is to lead on the audit, the processes and the education which will allow us to meet the standards.

I have always had a special interest in breastfeeding and have undertaken a lot of extra training. I work closely with the rest of the team and act as a resource and to support staff who are helping women with feeding problems.

Hello my name is Jody Bell...

Photo of maternity support worker Jodie Bell I am a maternity support worker out in community (Pinderfields General  Hospital).

I help support our women when struggling with feeding problems I get a lot of satisfaction with helping women on their feeding journeys and find it a pleasure to be able to help and support them through this. I also help cover breastfeeding clinics with our infant feeding coordinator Leigh-Anne.

Hello my name is Andrea Hurst...

My role is Community Maternity Support worker (based at Dewsbury and District Hospital)

I've worked at the Trust for 17 years, for the past 13 years I have been a breastfeeding champion. I’m extremely passionate when delivering women centred care, empowering new mums to achieve their Breastfeeding goals, both in the antenatal and postnatal period.

Having a new baby is both exciting and scary my role is to offer additional support, face to face or over the telephone especially in the early days and weeks whilst establishing  breastfeeding, this support is vital whilst overcoming common problems such as sore nipples, position and attachment, milk supply, engorgement to name but a few.

I also support in the specialist breastfeeding clinic Baby Café at Birstall, this is a great transition from midwifery care to the Health Visiting Team.