In 2013 we carried out a formal public consultation exercise to find out local people's views on changes to hospital and community services. This was referred to as Meeting the Challenge. 

The public feedback helped shape the way in which community providers, GP surgeries and hospitals will work together to deliver better care. The plans were approved by the Secretary of State for Health in March 2014.

Why change? 
People are living longer, which is a good thing, but it means that demand for NHS services is growing all the time. The NHS is finding it harder to recruit qualified staff.  Reorganising services across our three sites to make them work as one hospital will help us to respond to these pressures. 

What will Change?
Pinderfields will become the major acute centre, providing care to people with the most urgent or complex conditions and Dewsbury and Pontefract will provide a wide range of routine  care and planned surgery. 

By making these changes we will: 

  • secure the long term future of all three hospitals
  • build the capacity of community services to deliver more care closer to home
  • improve patient experience
  • assess, diagnose, treat and discharge people more quickly
  • reduce waiting times for planned procedures and have fewer last minute cancellations
  • ensure people are seen by the most appropriate health professional at the right place and avoid unnecessary transfers