MY appointment reminder system

Patients who do not attend (DNA) outpatient appointments across our hospitals have a direct impact on the length of time that other patients wait for their care. This is because the missed appointment could have been given to another patient. 

To help reduce missed appointments, we have put in place a new system that uses information from our appointment system to call patients with an automated recorded message reminding them of the date and time of their appointment.

When will I receive a call?

Patients will receive reminder calls about a week before the appointment date and will use both landline numbers and mobiles to try to contact the patient. 

How the system works

The recorded message for patients asks them to confirm whether they will be attending their hospital appointment by pressing keys on the phone key pad.

The system does not delete appointments but our appointments centre team will cancel appointments.

If patients want to change the date and time they are asked to call the appointments centre to rearrange their appointment.

Which patients will be called?

The reminder calls will not be used for some specialities where it is not appropriate, such as genito-urinary medicine and for palliative care patients.

Initially, the system will connect to our patient administration system for all new and review outpatient consultant appointments.

What are the benefits of using this system?

The verbal message will help remind patients who have forgotten their appointment date, mislaid their appointment letter or have difficulty reading.

Most importantly, it is hoped the new system will help reduce the amount of missed appointments across our hospitals.