Naomi Mulholland

Naomi Mulholland

I was meant to start a nursing course in 2016 but, due to being pregnant with my son I had to hold off my plans to start. I was searching on the internet thinking about resuming my studies and come across the nursing degree in collaboration with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust which is a lot more accessible for me now I have a child.

I think one of the best aspects of the programme is that it’s delivered within a hospital setting. It makes it feel more real and gives us more insight as to what day-to-day is like for people in a hospital environment and being in close partnership with all the Mid York’s staff.

The staff at the university have really helped us to understand student life. They have emphasised that along with our studies it is important to make time for friends and family. Also they have been straight to the point, they have told us it is going to be challenging but have also told us they will be there for us every step of the way. I would feel comfortable going to my lecturers with any problem as I know they are willing to listen and to help.

I hope to qualify as a Registered Nurse and hopefully get a job in an area that I want, but not sure where at the moment.

The experience for all of us has been the same as other University of Bradford students. We don’t in any way feel excluded from the main university. I am finding the course completely enjoyable, having a School of Nursing in the area that you live makes going to university a bit more easy and accessible.