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Abby's report goes national

Abby Daykin Research by a Trust occupational therapist will be presented at a prestigious UK conference.

Along with colleagues in the MY Therapy Team, Abby Daykin plays a pivotal part in enabling patients who’ve had a prolonged hospital stay to recover their mobility and independence. That can include working alongside physiotherapists, conducting home visits to ensure patients are returning to a safe environment or even helping a young girl apply make-up again!

But during the course of her four-year career, Abby has often wondered whether the tests she is asked to carry out really prepare patients for independent life or are just designed to help the discharge process.

“As occupational therapists, we have done the same washing and dressing assessment for patients but there has been no research into its effectiveness for over 30 yeas” revealed Abby, “It just seems to have become a standard part of procedure. Are we really saying this test measures if our patients are better? Are we discharge workers or occupational therapists?”

With the much appreciated assistance of her colleagues who are supplying data after every patient assessment, Abby has been carrying out a study on these issues – and her hypothesis has impressed the College of Occupational Therapists (COT).

Abby’s research was selected out of over 300 submissions to be presented at the COT Annual Conference at the Harrogate International Centre next June.  Celebrating its fortieth year, the conference is the only national gathering for occupational therapists and examines everything from trauma to orthopaedics.      

Said Abby: “I love my job and knowing I have made a difference to patient’s lives. I am very excited about the conference and getting the opportunity to network and meet people from my profession. I have been very fortunate to work with a team who have been so supportive and helped me with everything from the research data to the wording in the report.”

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