Boothroyd Centre visit by Baroness Betty Boothroyd | Latest news

Boothroyd Centre visit by Baroness Betty Boothroyd

Pictured left to right: Terry Moran, Non-Executive Director; Baroness Betty Boothroyd; Kathryn Fishwick, Consultant; Tony Browning, Consultant Urologist. Baroness Betty Boothroyd was welcomed to the day care facility named after her which she opened 20 years ago at Dewsbury and District Hospital.

The former first lady speaker of the House of Commons was welcomed by Terry Moran, Non-Executive Director; Kathryn Fishwick, Consultant; and Tony Browning, Consultant Urologist.

Until now the Boothroyd Centre has primarily been used as a day care facility but as part of the Trust's hospital reconfiguration plans, it will be home to an increased endoscopy department, pain management and a new one-stop-shop urology clinic.

The clinic will be much more convenient for patients; enabling them to have their initial consultation, any investigation, diagnostic tests and biopsies in one appointment. It is estimated that this will result in 60% of patients being either discharged or put on a list for surgery after their first visit.

During her visit Baroness Boothroyd also had the opportunity to visit the stroke ward.