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Camp is just the tonic for Becky

Becky ghyll scrambling Ghyll scrambling, canoeing and raft building are just some of the activities that a Pinderfields Hospital patient has been given the opportunity to experience.

Through the organisation of her burns physiotherapist, 17 year old Becky Brown, who comes from Leeds, attended a five day burns camp at Coniston in Cumbria along with 15 other young adults who had all suffered similar injuries at some point in their lives.

“The camp was brilliant,” said Becky, who is no stranger to challenges as she is working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Award. “I was very apprehensive about going as I didn’t know anyone else and wasn’t sure what to expect. I needn’t have worried though as everybody was really welcoming and I made some good friends.”

Burns camps are focussed on physical challenges as evidence shows that if young people with scars, who may not feel good about how their bodies look, can feel good about what their bodies can achieve, it can help them have a better body image and increase their self-esteem; enhancing mood and social adjustment.

Ann Sanderson is the specialist burns physiotherapist at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust who organised for Becky to take part. “Camps like this can play a hugely important role in the recovery of patients like Becky,” she said.

“As well as giving them the opportunity to try new activities in a safe environment, it helps them to overcome issues of self-confidence that may have developed as a result of their injuries; share their stories with others and generally help them to better cope and come to terms with what has happened to them.”

Less than a year ago Becky suffered fifty percent burns to her body in a house fire and spent a month on the Intensive Care Unit at Pinderfields before being transferred to the Children’s Regional Burns Unit, where the team began the process of rehabilitation and recovery with her.

Becky was encouraged by the positive comments from others regarding her scarring which made her feel much better about herself, and she definitely wants to attend camp next year. 

“I enjoyed taking part in the team activities, but the last night was the bit that really stuck in my mind,” Becky continued, “we all got together, without the leaders, and used the time to talk and get to know each other better. It was a brilliant experience, and I would recommend camp to anyone.”

“Becky is an amazing person,” concluded Ann, “she has been through so much but I have seen a real change in her. The camp has truly helped her to believe more in herself and I’m proud of what she has achieved.”

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust organises Burns Camps for children aged 0-7, 7-13 and 13 -18 as well as day events for children aged 16 -18.