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Celebration of Health Research at Mid Yorkshire

Over 100 guests were in attendance at the More and Better Research event, featuring speakers from universities and NHS partners and a showcase marketplace for developing partnerships.  

Dr John Ashcroft, Research and Innovation Director at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We currently have over 250 open research studies aimed at improving existing methods of care delivery and continue to innovate to create new solutions to existing patient solutions.”

By hosting an event such as this, the Trust can celebrate its successes, open new partnerships, highlight how important research is in the NHS and ultimately improve the delivery of care of patients within our Trust and nationally.  

The annual event this year is the largest yet and demonstrates the growing importance and confidence of the research department at the Trust. 

The Research team has a successful track record of improving patient care through the introduction of new innovations and improvements learnt through research, across all disciplines from radiography diabetes, gastro, oncology and more.

This last year has seen many successes exceeding nationally set targets for studies   and patient trials, and the team has been directly involved in introducing nationally a universal splint for wrist injuries and point of care blood testing for radiology patients. They collecting the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Team of the Month Award in February.

The department continues to grow, expanding research at the Trust, consolidating knowledge in areas with well established activity and growing into new specialty areas.

Issued by huzafa.bismillah@midyorks.nhs.uk