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Chemotherapy patient continues to help others

A chemotherapy patient from Wakefield is continuing in her efforts, to help fellow cancer suffers, with her generous donations to Pinderfields Hospital.

When she came for her latest round of chemotherapy 38 year old Sherine Hampshire also brought 180 thermometers, which had been kindly donated by her employer, Rowlands Pharmacy, after Sherine highlighted the need to her regional manager.

“A thermometer is vital for anyone undergoing cancer treatment” she said, “and until you have a cancer diagnosis it’s difficult to understand just how important it is. A rise in your temperature is an early indication that you could have an infection, something you can’t afford to have when you are undergoing chemotherapy.”

Cancer and its treatment can weaken your immune system which can increase your risk of getting an infection. An infection when your immune system is weakened can be a serious complication of treatment, and cause you to be extremely ill. By monitoring their temperature, chemotherapy patients can have an early warning if an infection is starting.

Sherine was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and underwent a tough regime of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. Sadly after only two years in remission the cancer returned, this time spreading to her spine and liver. During this time she developed sepsis (a life threatening condition when the body’s response to infection can cause injury to its own organs). She was able to recognise the development of an infection through the monitoring of her temperature, leading to quicker, life-saving, treatment.

“Checking your temperature is such a simple thing, but it’s so vital,” said Sherine. “I hope that this donation will help many more chemotherapy patients in the way that being able to check my temperature has helped me.”

The thermometers will be given to newly diagnosed cancer patients at Pinderfields Hospital, as part of a care pack.

In the meantime Sherine and fellow former cancer patient Maria Elliott, are embarking on a marathon of events to raise £40,000 to purchase four Paxman cold cap machines which help chemotherapy patients keep their hair during treatment.

Kirstie Connelly, Sister for Chemotherapy Day Services, at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Sherine’s donations are so gratefully received and we know that they do make a difference to the lives of other patients. The fact that she and Maria now want to raise enough to buy four of these machines is astounding.

“It’s a little known fact that some cancer patients even refuse to go through chemotherapy treatment for fear of losing their hair. Needless to say being able to have the choice of using one of these machines could really save someone’s life.”

The first of Sherine and Maria’s fundraising events is a tea party head shave on 4 August. To find out more, or make a donation, visit and search for “Maria Elliott, Rawdon” or click this link