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Do you really need A&E?

Our A&E departments continue to be extremely busy. Please read this message from David Melia, our Director of Nursing and Quality, if you are thinking of attending A&E:

"Like all hospitals across the country our A&E departments have been busier than usual over the last week. Patients are seen in order of clinical priority which means that people with less urgent needs may wait longer to be seen and some people who need admission may have to wait longer than usual in the A&E departments for a bed to become vacant.

“We are doing all we can to alleviate the pressures across our hospitals. Demand levels are monitored around the clock by clinical and management teams and well planned arrangements are put in place to manage peaks in demand. These include, deploying clinicians to focus on managing urgent cases and timely discharge, opening up extra beds and clinical managers covering shifts on the wards to provide extra staff.

“We are also working with care providers in the community to get the right level of care and support for those patients who no longer need to be in hospital to enable us to admit those who do.

“People need to remember that A&E is for real accidents and emergencies - chest pain, blacking out, blood loss and fractures – and those with severe conditions will always take priority. We need the help of members of the public across Wakefield and North Kirklees to support us during this time of very high demand for services, by only coming to A&E if it’s a real emergency.

“People with long-standing problems or minor illnesses should seek help from other health services such NHS 111, their pharmacist, GP or the Walk-in Centres (located in Trinity Walk and King Street, Wakefield) in the first instance, this means they won’t have a potential long wait in A&E, can be seen more quickly, and leaves the specialist emergency doctors available to deal with the real medical emergencies.”