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First new ground breaking heart defibrillator fitted

Sue Aziz (Acute Heart Failure Nurse), Richard Johnson (patient) and Dr Vikrant Nayar (Consultant Cardiologist) A new state of the art, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator has recently been fitted to a patient at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield.  The totally subcutaneous implantable defibrillator, called the ‘S-ICD System’, will now be recommended to patients at risk of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Previously, a normal defibrillator would be implanted in the upper chest of a patient with a wire going directly into the heart. The current procedure leaves a large scar and there is a risk of infection.

This new S-ICD System is a new device that sits just under the skin, constantly monitoring the heart, ready to deliver treatment if sudden cardiac arrest strikes. The device provides protection without placing a wire on the patient’s heart. The device only leaves a few discrete scars after implantation.

The defibrillator sits quietly within the patient, and should the patient’s heart beat dangerously fast, it gives an electric shock to get it back into rhythm.

Richard Johnson, 39, from Pontefract, was the first patient to be fitted with the new S-ICD System at Pinderfields Hospital. Richard said “The operation went great. There was no pain. Staff were fantastic and the hospital was clean.”

Vikrant Nayar, Cardiology Consultant said, “This new technology is potentially better suited to many of our patients, especially those at high risk of infections, or when a standard defibrillator implantation is not possible. In providing this service, as at Leeds General Infirmary or other tertiary cardiac centres, we now offer implantation and follow-up for the full range of defibrillators.”