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History repeats itself at Dewsbury Hospital

Emma Composite Emma, who 32 years ago was the first child of Carolyn Rushforth, born in Bronte Tower went on to work as a midwife at Bronte tower and despite opting for a home birth, complications in the pregnancy meant she had to deliver her first child, Tobias Manners-Lilley, at Bronte Tower. 

Emma who is currently on Maternity leave said: “It was running through my mind as I came into the hospital, to go to the same ward and same theatre repeating the  circumstances of my birth.
“My mum also went along with me on this nostalgic journey as it brought back numerous memories for her, although things were very different all those years ago.”

Carolyn said: “When I had Emma, it was a different world, even for antenatal appointments I had to get into hospital gowns, and when Emma was born, I had to stay in the hospital for 10 days and each evening Emma would be taken away to the nursery to sleep. I would then be woken up by a nurse if she needed feeding.”

Tobias will not repeat the same as there is no longer a labour ward at Dewsbury Hospital. This closed in September as part of the hospital reconfiguration programme and Dewsbury now has a new purpose built midwife led Birth Centre.

Emma who returning after maternity leave will work in the new birth centre, says she is a little jealous of mothers who will birth there: “I have seen the new birth centre and I think it is amazing, the Bronte Tower had a 3 bed midwife led unit, at the end of a corridor and was used infrequently and more often acted as a triage facility.

“The Bronte Birth Centre is like a top end hotel and offers a comfortable environment during labour. I’m thinking to have another baby just to use the facilities there.” 

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