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Hospital staff appeal for good Samaritan to come forward

Staff at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust are appealing to the member of the public who kindly let a pregnant lady give birth in the back of her car, to come forward.

On Tuesday 10 July three nurses at the Trust - Lucy Tuncay, Sharon Scattergood and Sally Jennians (pictured above l-r) – were called upon by visitors to the hospital to help a pregnant lady who had gone into labour in the main car park of Pinderfields Hospital.

“I was in the main entrance of the hospital when someone came in saying there was a lady having a baby in the car park,” said Sharon, “so I followed them up and saw a woman in advanced labour leaning on a car. There was another woman, who was the owner of the car, by her side and I assumed she was her friend or relative.

“I got the lady to lie down in the back of the car and by this time Lucy and Sally had also arrived. Lucy called 999 and Sally helped her with her breathing whilst I delivered the baby. By the time the lady’s partner came back with a wheelchair the baby had been born! Despite all the drama it was an amazing experience and a privilege to deliver the baby.”

The baby was safely delivered and taken with her mum to the maternity unit of the hospital where they were discharged later the same day. It was once the excitement died down Sharon and the other hospital staff were made aware that the lady whose car had been used, was a kind passer-by who had stopped to offer support.

“We really want to find the lady who owns the car,“ said Sharon “I never for one minute thought that she was a stranger to the pregnant lady, I can’t imagine what she must have thought when suddenly there was someone having a baby in the back of her car.

“I know that people helped to clean up her car, but we really want to make sure it has a proper valet. I appreciate this may have been done by now, but the least we can do is reimburse her.”

If you are the kind owner of the car, or know the lady who is, then please contact the Trust via