July AHR update | Latest news

July AHR update

Ambulatory Care

Further progress on changes to hospital services in Mid Yorkshire has been confirmed with the next phase of work having been formally approved by local health commissioners. 

This means the plans to introduce new or enhanced services can move forward after the impact on patient safety and health outcomes was scrutinised by both Wakefield and North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Groups. 

This second phase of work sets out a number of changes which will be completed by August 2017.  They are:

•    Putting in place a new way of caring for elderly patients at two new Frailty Units, to make sure the most vulnerable older people get rapid expert care near to their home.
•    Creating a new unit at Dewsbury and District Hospital where patients would be admitted for tests and initial treatment before being discharged or transferred to a ward.  This Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) will reduce the need for patients to be moved to Pinderfields Hospital for admission.
•    Relocating the beds for patients with respiratory problems within Pinderfields Hospital and extending the unit to manage other really sick patients

All the changes to hospital services are being made to improve patient experience and minimise any moves for them.  The programme of work means bringing associated services closer together, to deliver patients with a better service offer and improve patient care. 

There is one more phase of work planned; to centralise acute inpatient care at Pinderfields and establish Dewsbury and Pontefract hospitals as Centres of Excellence for elective (planned non-emergency) work and rehabilitation. This is planned to happen in September 2017,.  However, all the planning will undergo a scrutiny and approval process to make sure there is a positive impact on patient care and the changes are made in a safe way. 

Updates will follow through this website and the Trust’s social media channels. You can learn more about proposed services by watching this short film and questions can be put forward to betterhospitals@midyorks.nhs.uk