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Labour takes Laura and hospital staff by surprise

At 36 weeks pregnant Laura was concerned that her baby wasn’t moving as much as he had been and was waiting for a scan in the radiology department at Pinderfields Hospital.

“Whilst we were waiting for the scan I needed to go to the loo and then got the urge to push,” said Laura. “I didn’t realise at first what was happening. I’d had a check-up earlier on and I wasn’t dilating, so it was a bit of shock when it was obvious that the baby was coming.”

First on the scene to help Laura was Radiology Clinical Support Worker, Nicky Butterfield. She raised the alarm and other colleagues from the radiology department came to help, with midwife Dawn Wigglesworth arriving from the labour ward just as baby Logan was born.

“It was quite a scene,” said Dawn. “But everyone had done a fantastic job in supporting Laura. She was made to feel as comfortable as possible and given plenty of privacy, being taken into a side room to recover before she was admitted to the maternity ward.”

Logan weighed 6lb 5oz and needed some help with his breathing. He is now being looked after in the Special Care Baby Unit at Pinderfields Hospital.

“He has some fluid on his lungs so he needs a bit of extra help, but other than that he is absolutely fine,” said Laura. “Before I got to radiology I’d been having some mild cramps in my stomach but never thought it was labour pains - looking back now I guess that’s what it must have been.

“I’m so grateful to everyone who helped me, I’m sure most of them didn’t go to work expecting to see a baby being born. But it was as much of a shock for me as it was for them!”

Laura and her partner Blake are hopeful they will be able to take Logan home in the next few days.