Mid Yorks launch UK’s first south Asian weight management programme in Bradford | Latest news

Mid Yorks launch UK’s first south Asian weight management programme in Bradford

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust are launching a new weight management service for south Asian women in Bradford, to reduce the problems of obesity and improve the overall health of the south Asian female population.

It is well known, that South Asian females are at substantial risk of type 2 diabetes compared with the white European population, and typically develop the disease up to ten years earlier and at a lower BMI.

Through this service, the Trust’s Weight Management team can identify and refer patients for consideration of bariatric surgery, which has shown to benefit the patient during the post-operative period and also help them achieve long-term successful weight loss.

The programme will be held over twelve consecutive weeks where patients will have a 90-minute session split between a female dietitian and a female fitness instructor.

The programme has been designed with help 'by patients, for patients' using data collected during an informal focus group event held by the weight management team, based at the Culture Fusion Community Centre, Bradford.

Jinan Rabbee, Registered Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and PhD Researcher in Diabetes, said; “Through scientific research and evaluation of interventions that have taken place in the south Asian community and through conducting focus groups, we have developed a culturally sensitive weight management programme tailored to the south Asian community to help make lifestyle modifications in order to reduce the risk of diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.”

The sessions include 'cook & eat' where patients can bring their own cooked food and are taught to calculate nutritional information to raise awareness of different methods of cooking to highlight importance of preparation methods and portion control. 

There will be physical activity sessions, which are female only and will include both exercise and theory, de-busting myths about fat loss and helping patients with goal setting, motivational techniques and behavioural change. This series will be beneficial to help by various culturally appropriate methods to maintain a high physical activity level and low bodyweight across the life course to prevent diabetes.

Endocrinologist and obesity specialist Dr Rajeswaran, will be delivering a medical session as part of this twelve week programme which has been specifically tailored to the South Asian community to discuss common concerns that many face; such as lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and reduction of facial hair and hormone imbalance.

The first group is taking place at the end of August. To join the programme, individuals need to ask their General Practitioners to be referred to the NHS Mid Yorkshire weight management service.