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October AHR update

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The changes made as part of AHR mark the end of a three year reconfiguration programme to develop Pinderfields Hospital as the main site for treating the most seriously ill patients and Dewsbury and Pontefract Hospitals as Centres of Excellence for elective care and rehabilitation. 

It has been a long journey which improves care and safety across our local hospitals, makes sure the Trust’s workforce is being used in the most effective way and ensures hospital services are sustainable in the long-term.  

The entire AHR programme has delivered:  


  •  Ambulatory Emergency Care unit at Dewsbury Hospital offering rapid access to diagnosis and treatment without the need for hospital admission 
  • Children’s assessment unit opens in Dewsbury


  • Eye centre opens at Pinderfields
  • Acute cardiology services centralised at Pinderfields resulting in faster transfer to specialist care and shorter lengths of stay


  • Midwife-led birth centre opens at Dewsbury.  All births requiring a consultant were centralised at Pinderfields
  • Neo-natal services and children’s inpatient care centralised at Pinderfields


  • Transfer of inpatient care for acute medical patients from Dewsbury to Pinderfields.
  • Two new Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Frailty assessment units. A dedicated service for elderly care focusing on rapid assessment; treatment and helping people with frailty get back home as soon as they are well enough
  • The development of a Clinical Decision Unit at Dewsbury, where patients would be admitted for a short time (normally less than12 hours) for tests and initial treatment before being discharged or transferred to a ward
  • Increased rehabilitation at Dewsbury and Pontefract Hospitals  
  • Opening of medicine and elderly care step down wards at Dewsbury and Pontefract for people who are out of the acute phase of their care episode but not yet able to go home.  

All the changes to hospital services have been made to improve the patient experience and offer the right care at the earliest opportunity at the most appropriate hospital site.

Dewsbury Hospital continues to have a consultant led A&E Emergency Department. It can treat any patient who comes through the doors with a life threatening medical emergency such as head injuries, severe bleeding and cardiac arrest. If there is a need for a hospital admission this may lead to a transfer to the Pinderfields site. 

Dewsbury A&E is not an Urgent Care Centre which is limited in what it provides and usually provides patients treatment for issues that are not life threatening such as broken bones and animal bites.

Any further updates on AHR will be delivered through the Trust’s social media channels. Questions can still be posted to our dedicated email address on betterhospitals@midyorks.nhs.uk