Radiographers calming kids' hospital anxieties | Latest news

Radiographers calming kids' hospital anxieties

Photo (L-R); Radiographers Jade Coserhil and Aysha Nadeem

The Radiology department at Dewsbury and District Hospital have recently introduced a Starlight distraction box to help provide their staff with a variety of ways of distracting children whilst various medical procedures, such as x-rays, blood tests and MRI’s, are undertaken.  These will be rolled out across all radiology departments within The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in the coming months. 

The distraction box is a portable toolkit filled with a variety of toys, games and puzzles and was kindly donated by Starlight Children's Foundation. The charity help sick children rediscover the joy of childhood through wish granting and hospital entertainment and distraction programmes. The charity work closely with health professionals to create a hospital environment where children can forget about their illness.

Radiographer Emily Lewis from Dewsbury and District Hospital initiated the application for the distraction box by contacting the charity directly with interest in introducing the initiative to the Radiology department.

Lucy Beeley, Radiology Group Manager, at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said “We’re absolutely thrilled with the Starlight distraction box. It really is helping our young patients through relatively invasive procedures without the need for sedation or general anaesthetic. Our Radiology team have found the items incredibly useful in helping to take the children’s attention off the various procedures.”

Lisa Withey, Starlight Children’s Service Administrator, said “We’re delighted to give a Starlight Distraction Box to the radiology team at Dewsbury and District Hospital. We hope that it will help make a child’s hospital experience that little bit less scary.”