The Paediatric Burns team from Pinderfields Hospital, has won top prize of £100 at the recent British Burn Association (BBA) annual conference for its educational poster “Not All Dressing Changes Have to be Traumatic.”

The poster showcased a trial by the paediatric burns team of using a mobile 3D sensory unit to help distract children whilst having their dressings changed, which fitted the theme of the conference “New Technologies for Better Burn Care.”

Gemma Walley, a nurse on the burns unit, said: “We were delighted to win top prize. Burn injuries are traumatic for any patient never mind children, and changing dressings - which needs to be done regularly - can be extremely painful. With this in mind we questioned our current distraction techniques and how we could improve the patient experience.

“We were given the opportunity to trial the use of a mobile VPOD 3D sensory unit to help the play specialists distract and interact with the children whilst they were having their dressings changed.”

Without the use of the unit dressings are changed with the assistance of the play specialists using a number of different methods such as toys or singing with the children.

“We trialled it with 214 patients and found it most successful on children aged 3 – 10,” continued Gemma. “We received great feedback from parents, children and staff who all felt it made the children much more able to cope with having their dressings changed.”

Following the success of the trial the team is now looking into the possibility of obtaining a fixed VPOD 3D sensory unit.

Held this year at the Royal College of Surgeons in London, the British Burn Association Annual Conference gives experts in the field the opportunity to network and share best practice. The multi-disciplinary team from the Trust displayed a number of posters and gave presentations on a range of issues from burns first aid to e-cigarettes and house fires. 

Pictured (l-r): Ann Sanderson - Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Burns and Plastics, Veronica Wagstaff – Registered Nurse, Brendan Sloan – Consultant, Gemma Walley – Registered Nurse, Claire Swales – Sister, Umair Anwar – Consultant, Tracy Foster – Children’s Play Specialist, Mr Chad Chang, Research Fellow, Paul Blakemore – Registered Nurse and Preetha Muthayya – Consultant