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Student reunited with midwife who delivered her

Laura Woffendin, from Pontefract, was working on the labour ward with midwife Emma Reevell, at Pinderfields Hospital when the momentous occasion occurred.

“As you’d expect, delivering my first baby was an amazing experience. Something that will stay with me forever,” said Laura, “but I had no idea it would be quite so poignant.

“I was so excited to tell my mum all about it when I got home. When she then told me that Emma was the midwife who had delivered me, I couldn’t believe it.”

That night Laura and her mum searched through all their old photos to find the picture taken straight after her birth. The next day she took it in to work to show Emma and explain the coincidence.

“I was amazed when Laura showed me the picture,” said Emma. “It’s crazy to think that this small child I brought into the world is now training to be a midwife. It’s a lovely feeling though and makes it all a little bit more special.”

Both ladies come from medical families, with Emma following in her mum’s footsteps to become a midwife and Laura in her grandma’s.

“My mum and dad are both qualified nurses,” said Laura “and I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in a medical field. I just didn’t know exactly where. When my grandma passed away, I inherited her community midwife bag and everything inside it, along with her midwifery badges and books. That decided it for me.”

Working with Laura was not the first encounter Emma, who has worked at the Trust for 33 years, has had with Laura’s family. She worked on the same ward as Laura’s dad Ian, when he was a student nurse at Pontefract.

Continuing her placement with the Trust, Laura will spend the next three weeks in one of the maternity led units, where she hopes to get the opportunity to deliver more babies.