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Superb response to toy emergency in Dewsbury

Dr Patrick Tung, Michael Sutton (General Store Manager, Asda Dewsbury Superstore), Salwa Gibbons (Registered Nurse), Sister Anjela Jones and Sharon Kingswood (Community Life Champion, Asda). The people of Dewsbury and its surrounding area have responded to the news of a theft at their local Children’s A&E by donating a hulking load of gifts to replace stolen toys.

As chronicled in last week’s press staff at the busy unit noticed toys had been removed when they searched for a copy of Frozen to help calm a suffering child.

Not only has the Disney DVD been replaced but toy trucks and aeroplanes, electronic toys for toddlers and action figures have been donated by generous individuals.

The impact of those gifts is already being felt by children and parents, as Liversedge mum Carmela Hajdu explains. “I think what people have done is lovely, really nice” said the mum of four-year old Lewis who came to A&E with a fever and was consoled by an Incredible Hulk toy which had only just arrived on the unit, “Not only is Lewis happier but these toys will help other children, too.”

The Dewsbury Asda superstore is just one of those to make a monster contribution – bringing in some Caterpillar toy diggers and walkers. Asda Community Life Champion Sharon Kingswood said: “We read about the thefts and wanted to do something straight away to help the staff, the parents and chiefly the children. The A&E department care for children who have had accidents or are experiencing problems like breathing difficulties. It must be so traumatic – and toys and games really do help them relax and become reassured.”

Nurse Anjela Jones who made an emotional appeal following the theft last week, added: “I am thrilled and delighted to see the fantastic response of the public. As a unit we are constantly amazed by the generosity of the people of Dewsbury and its surrounding district. Even those who don’t have much have donated toys, books and games. It is truly humbling.”

Children’s Accident and Emergency is one of the busiest units at Dewsbury and District Hospital and helped over 2,000 children in January alone.

Jules Preston, Chairman of The Mid Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust concluded: “Last week our staff were horrified by what can only be described as the worst of human nature. Now they are reminded that the vast majority of people in Dewsbury care about their community, their NHS and especially our children. I thank everyone who has donated and helped the appeal to give poorly children something to make them happy when they are in hospital.”