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Trust’s appeal to help patients living with Dementia

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is appealing to locals to donate items which can be used to create Reminiscence Boxes.  

Used to help people living with Dementia the boxes contain items which can evoke happy moments in their life and give them something to talk about.

Anita Ruckledge, Lead Dementia Nurse at the Trust, said; “We currently have two Reminiscence Boxes on loan from Wakefield Libraries. One of the community matrons took one out to the HUBs – a place where all those involved in community care come together – and the feedback has been fantastic.

“We have therefore decided to create our own but need some help getting items to go in them. We would be really grateful for donations of 60s memorabilia - anything from clothing to crockery – as this is the era most people living with Dementia resonate with.”

Use of the boxes will work in the same way as it does from Wakefield Library with people being able to borrow them in just the same way they would a book, from the Mid Yorkshire Library at Trust HQ, for up to three weeks at a time.

Dianne Llewellyn, a Librarian at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be working so closely with Anita and other nursing teams across the Trust to provide these boxes which they can use with our patients and carers.

“Living with Dementia can also be difficult for everyone involved and we hope these boxes can help in some way.”

Lynne Holroyd, Senior Library Officer, at Wakefield Libraries, said: ”We’ve been so pleased to see the success we have had with the Reminiscence Boxes. As well as the general public borrowing them we have seen professional care homes make use of them to help engage with their residents.

“We’re delighted to see the Trust embark on creating its own boxes which I am sure will provide much help to those living with Dementia and their families.”

Once created, the boxes will be available to borrow from the Library at Trust HQ at the Pinderfields Hospital site.

For more information or to arrange to have items collected please contact Anita Ruckledge, Dementia Lead Nurse, or call 07780954892.