Omar Bhatti

I have been working as a healthcare assistant for 24 years now.

I started working at the age of 16 in a nursing home during the summer holidays and continued to do so throughout my college and University life. I studied a degree in Business and IT at the University of Huddersfield but continued working within the healthcare sector as I felt that’s where my heart was. I have always liked helping others. I was promoted from a health care to a senior healthcare, independent living cottage manager, unit leader to manager of a residential home.

I wanted to gain experience in the acute clinical side of care, so I got a job at my local NHS trust at Bradford Royal Infirmary working on the Stroke Rehabilitation and Neurology ward. Here I gained a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge and understanding and enjoyed it thoroughly.  There came a point where I thought I needed progression in my career as I had reached my potential and the only way to do this was to obtain a degree in nursing. This is why I applied to do my BSc Hons with the University of Bradford in collaboration with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

I am still working at Bradford Royal Infirmary on the stroke ward and will continue to do so throughout my studies to continually gain further knowledge and skills.