Other useful information

No smoking/no alcohol/no illegal substances

The Trust operates a no smoking policy. Staff, patients and visitors may not smoke on Trust property. The YRSIC operates a no alcohol/no illegal substances policy. 

Noise protocol

In the interests that all patients receive adequate rest and sleep, we request that televisions/entertainment systems are switched off by 11pm unless headphones are used.


The Spinal Unit Recreational Fund (S.U.R.F.) was established to raise funds for providing recreation and outings for patients. The project is managed by an ex-patient and staff volunteers.

The funds raised enable us to offer a range of social activities throughout the year including:

  • Trip to the cinema and evening meal
  • Summer barbecue
  • Greyhound racing night and evening meal
  • Christmas shopping outing and evening meal

We have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle which holds one wheelchair user and up to six people, which can be loaned to patients and their families. 

Spinal Injuries Association

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) provides reliable information and advice through a freephone advice line (0800 980 0501), publications and website, www.spinal.co.uk.

The Spinal Injuries Association believes that the best support for spinally-injured people comes from their peers. 

The majority of its services are delivered by spinal cord-injured people who share their life experiences for the benefit of newly injured people and their relatives.

Peer Advice Service

This service is provided by SIA. We have a Peer Advisor who works at the YRSIC every Tuesday, who can talk with you, share your concerns, answer your questions on living with spinal cord injury and source information for you on a wide range of topics.

Our Peer Advisor is Peter Hanley who has been paraplegic (T12/L1) since 1984.


Aspire is a national charity that provides practical support, funding and advice to people with spinal cord injury. More information on the services they provide can be found at www.aspire.org.uk. One of the services it provides to the YRSIC is an Independent Living Advisor who visits the Centre weekly on a Thursday to share practical advice on how to live a more independent life.

Our Independent Living Advisor is Paul Mountain.

Back-Up Trust

The Back-Up Trust is a national charity that works with individuals with spinal cord injury to provide mentoring, wheelchair skills training, activity courses and support in getting back to work or school after an injury. It runs wheelchair skills training at the Centre several times a year. More information on the services it provides can be found at www.backuptrust.org.uk

Infection control

Everyone can help with the prevention and control of infection in our hospitals. The most effective measure in preventing the spread of infection is hand hygiene. Alcohol gel is available at the entrance to each bay and side room and by each bed. It kills 99% of germs in 30 seconds. By using this gel and asking your visitors to use it before and after visiting you, we can all help prevent the spread of infections such as MRSA.

Courtesy to staff

If you are a patient and wish to leave the ward area for any reason, please always inform a member of staff before you leave and when you return. This is for health and safety reasons.

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