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Priorities for improvement

The Trust has developed priorities in patient safety, experience and clinical effectiveness. Each priority has clear measures to enable us to monitor how we are doing and what needs to be achieved.

The priorities have been identified through receiving regular feedback from and regular
engagement with staff, patients, the public, and commissioners of NHS services, Overview
and Scrutiny committees and other stakeholders. Progress on the planned improvements will
be reported through the Trust’s assurance committees and ultimately through to the Trust

Quality Account priorities

All providers of NHS care are required to produce a type of Annual Report called a Quality Account. This sets out priorities for the year ahead and a review of our performance against the quality indicators that we set for the previous year.

Read more about the Quality Account on our Quality Account page.


Quality priorities for improvement in 2017/18

The Trust went through a very detailed process with stakeholders, including public and patient representatives and staff, to agree a set of quality priorities for 2016/17 which reflect its continuing commitment to improving safety and continuously improving people's experience of care.


This included discussions with the Trust's Stakeholder Forum, Healthwatch, the local authority Overview and Scrutiny Committees and Commissioners, as well as analysis of complaints, Patient Advice and Liaison Service and Friends and Family Test feedback.


Some of these priorities were continued from the previous year and some were introduced as new priorities in 2016/17.


The Trust assessment is where priorities were carried on after the initial 12 months, it has been able to embed changed to make improvement sustainable.


Therefore, the Trust's Quality Committee took the decision to continue in 2017/18 to focus on all the seven priorities for 2016/17. The Quality Committee also reviewed all of the areas on the Quality Dashboard which were not on target and, taking into account information the Committee received throughout the year, agreed two other areas should be included as priorities:

  • the care pathway for people with fractured neck or femur
  • pressure care

This approach is supported by the Trust's stakeholders.


The Quality Committee agreed that the targets for 2016/17, for those priorities that have been carried forward, should remain the same as for the previous year.

Quality Innovation and Improvement

Part of the Trust’s income can be withheld if it does not meet the standards set by its commissioners. This is a Government initiative aimed at driving up standards in the NHS.

The Trust has to meet targets for seeking views of patients through the Friends and Family Test, safety monitoring in our clinical areas, care of patients with dementia, cancer, respiratory conditions and venous thromboembolism and those needing end of life care. We also have to reduce the time it takes for patients to be handed over by ambulance crews in our A&E departments, improve approaches to care that prevent hospital admission and reduce cancelled operations. We must also have systems in place for monitoring patients at risk of deterioration and for measuring improvement in mobility and quality of life for patients who have had joint replacements.