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Physiotherapy team

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Medical staff

Following your admission you will be under the care of a Spinal Injuries Consultant – Mr Jamil or Mr Raza. Your Consultant will have other Doctors working with them including an Associate Specialist, Specialist Registrar, Junior Doctors and medical students.

They are on duty Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. Outside these hours, other Doctors are on call.

If you or your family wish to speak to a Doctor, please ask the Nurse looking after you who can arrange this.

Ward rounds

  • Monday morning – multidisciplinary team meeting and ward round
  • Thursday morning – Mr Jamil (Spinal Injury Consultant)
  • Friday morning – Mr Raza (Spinal Injury Consultant)
  • Alternate Monday afternoons – Mr Harrison (Urology Consultant)

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Nursing staff

Specialist Nurses are available at all times to provide continuing support, guidance and advice for you and your family. All patients are individually assessed on admission and an appropriate personalised plan of care is put together.

Our goal is to help patients reach their maximum potential and learn how to look after themselves or to instruct others how to look after patients. This includes bladder care, bowel care, skin care and managing emergencies such as autonomic dysreflexia.

The Ward Manager is Sister Ami Dehal-Clark. 

Liaison Nurses

The Liaison team acts as a link between hospital and home. An assessment is made of the care that you will need at home, which the Liaison Nurse will share with any other healthcare professionals if necessary.

The Liaison team has contact with health and social services departments, to whom they can refer to ensure continuity of care for you at home.

The Liaison Nurse will organise a home assessment with other members of the team to coordinate plans for weekend leave, arrange for any specialist equipment required at home, ensure a package of care is in place if required and will arrange regular Outpatient appointments upon discharge.

The Liaison Nurses are Linda Hague and Kay Hinchcliffe.

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Physiotherapy team

The Physiotherapy team is made up of specialist senior staff, junior rotational staff and a Specialist Physiotherapy Assistant.

The Physiotherapy team works to rehabilitate people with spinal cord lesions. Rehabilitation in hospital is crucial to the long-term well-being and physical ability of a spinally-injured person. The goal of rehabilitation for our patients is to achieve maximum function and the capacity to improve and self-manage their condition, and so have fewer complications and re-admissions.

The philosophy of the Physiotherapy service is to develop individual programmes which enable people to meet their best physical potential.

The Physiotherapist aims to:

  • Design and assist with exercise routines which aim to help improve strength, balance, mobility and function
  • Guide each patient to maximum recovery, by helping them realise and understand their potential following injury, using goal-planning and regular review
  • Support and educate the patient and their family and friends about spinal cord damage and give them the skills and knowledge to manage the physical problems caused by it.

The Senior Specialist Physiotherapists are Simon Houseman and Dene Minchella.

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Occupational Therapy team

Occupational Therapy aims to promote the best level of functional independence, health and well-being for patients. The Occupational Therapist assesses abilities and difficulties in daily life and agrees a treatment programme with you based on the following:

  • Personal activities of daily living, self-care and dressing
  • Assessment and treatment of upper limbs, including hand function activities
  • Home assessment and recommendations
  • Provision of specialist equipment to assist in self-care and communication
  • Domestic retraining and the opportunity to practice in an adapted kitchen
  • Wheelchair and seating assessment
  • Identifying and practicing the skills needed to return home, such as accessing local facilities
  • Advice on driving and car adaptations
  • Advice on work skills and assistance with returning to work or college by carrying out work site assessments
  • Advice on leisure skills and options for returning to previous pursuits or exploring new activities.

The Advanced Occupational Therapist is Mary Hutchison.

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Supportive staff


We have a weekly Orthotics clinic on Tuesday mornings for both outpatients and patients needing to stay overnight.

The Orthotics service helps with treatment and rehabilitation by providing specially-designed devices or ‘orthoses’ worn on the body. These provide support, stability and allow function for patients with a spinal cord injury.

The types of orthoses used include specialised braces and collars to protect the spine and hi-tech lower limb lightweight supports to enable walking.

The clinic is run by an Orthotist who is experienced in spinal injuries and who also works at other Spinal Injuries centres such as Stoke Mandeville.

Clinical Scientist

As a professional Clinical Scientist, Richard Caley has specialist knowledge in rehabilitation engineering, electronic assistive technology and physiological measurement. This knowledge provides the skills with which he assesses patients for specialist wheelchair controls, telecare and telemedicine technology. His expertise in electronic assistive technology enables him to professionally recommend, manage and support environmental control systems, communication aids, computer access and rehabilitation engineering solutions to patients with severe movement and cognitive impairment. As a medico-legal expert he is privileged to play a team role in restoring quality of life for clients with neurological injury.

He works alongside Consultants in Rehabilitation and Spinal Injuries, providing technological solutions to meet the needs of patients with severe neurological disorders. He is a recognised authority in rehabilitation and assistive technology, and has chaired IPEM’s Special Interest Group in Rehabilitation and Biomechanical Engineering.

Richard is a Chartered Clinical Scientist registered with the Health Professionals Council, and a Corporate Member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM). He has over 25 years’ professional experience working in an acute hospital with regional specialties in Spinal Injury, Burns and the Neurosciences.

Tel: 01924 541641

Mob: 07788412593

Email: richard.caley@midyorks.nhs.uk

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