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The Outpatients Department includes a number of clinics which are held across our three hospital sites.

What is Outpatients?

If you have a hospital or clinic appointment but do not need to stay overnight, it means you're being treated as an outpatient or a day patient. You may be having an appointment for treatment, diagnosis or a procedure.

Our Outpatients Department includes a number of clinics which are held across our three hospital sites – Dewsbury and District Hospital, Pinderfields Hospital and Pontefract Hospital.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

It is important that you attend your Outpatient appointment(s), for your own health as well as that of other patients. Patients who do not attend (DNA) Outpatient appointments across our hospitals have a direct and potentially serious impact on the length of time that other patients have to wait for their care. Your missed appointment could have been given to another patient.

Failure to attend your appointment without informing us may result in you being returned to the care of your GP. Another appointment will not be offered automatically. Changing your appointment on multiple occasions may result in you being returned to the care of your GP to ensure the safe management of your condition.

Reminder serviceĀ 

For some appointments we use a combination of text and automated voice reminders which will contact you seven days before your appointment to remind you of the hospital, date and time you should attend. You will be able to confirm attendance or whether you would like to cancel or rearrange your appointment.  Ensure that your contact details are correct to take full advantage of the service. 

Before you leave home

Before setting off for your appointment, please check your appointment letter for the date and details of where to go when you arrive at the hospital. Please remember to check which hospital you are due to attend.

Information on travelling to our hospitals

What should you bring with you to your appointment?

Please read your appointment information carefully, as it may ask you to bring certain items with you (such as a urine sample, your spectacles or any questionnaires you have been asked to fill in prior to your appointment, depending on the type of clinic or appointment). Remember to bring with you your appointment letter, information and any medication you are taking.

Travelling to your appointment

For full details of the transport options, travel refunds and concessions and car parking information visit: 

Getting here

When you arrive

Automated check-in is available at Pinderfields Hospital and Pontefract Hospital and manned receptions are at all three of our hospitals. You should arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, unless instructed otherwise on your appointment letter. Early arrival does not mean you will be seen early. If you arrive late you may have to wait until the end of the clinic to be seen. You should expect to be seen within 30 minutes of your appointment time. Up-to-date information about clinic delays will be displayed in the waiting area. If you have waited 30 minutes without an explanation, please contact reception.

Accessibility requirement

Let us know if you have an accessibility requirement linked to additional needs. You can do this either through our online email form or via our contact centre who will be able to ensure all your contact from us comes in the correct format and all your needs are catered for during your visit to us.

Socially distanced waiting areas

Although the waiting area have been made as socially distant compliant as possible, please do try to come to your appointment alone (unless you require support from a carer) where possible and continue to wear face masks to help support us to keep you and other patients safe.

Further tests you may need

It may not be possible to make a diagnosis at your first appointment, as further tests may be required before this can be done. The Doctor or other medical professional will discuss this with you and you may be provided with written information.

Your follow-up appointment

If you need another appointment within six weeks, you will be asked to agree it at reception. If it is for after six weeks’ time, we will write to you with details of your appointment.

Patient initiated follow-up (PIFU)

If your Clinician has informed you that you have been entered into patient initiated follow-up you will no longer be issued with routine follow-up clinic appointments at regular intervals.

You will instead have to make contact with the PIFU service to arrange a follow-up appointment as and when you require it, within the period specific by your clinician and stated in your patient information leaflet and guidecard.  

If you need to arrange an appointment please contact the PIFU service on 01924 541989.

Find out more

You can find out more about patient initiated follow-up appointments by reading this patient information leaflet - Patient initiated follow-up appointments [pdf] 153KB

We also have information for Arthroplasty patients about Trauma and Orthopaedic patient initiated follow-up appointments - Trauma and Orthopaedic patient initiated follow-up appointments for Arthroplasty patients [pdf] 222KB

Outpatient facilities

There are refreshment facilities available at all our hospitals.

Toilets, including facilities for wheelchair users, are available in most Outpatient departments.

If you are bringing children with you to your appointment, we suggest you bring something to occupy them while you wait. Children remain your responsibility so please don’t leave them unattended. We have facilities for feeding/changing infants. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.

Privacy and dignity

Most clinics are mixed sex and care is taken to maintain privacy and dignity in our clinics. If you have any special requirements, please speak to a Nurse when you arrive

Who will look after you?

Staff wear identity badges with our Trust logo. If you cannot see their badge please ask. You may be seen by any member of the specialty team.

The Trust plays an important role in training healthcare and medical staff. Patients may be asked to take part in this training process. If you would prefer not to take part, you have the right to refuse without your care being affected.

Chaperone for my appointment

A chaperone will be available to accompany you in clinic during your appointment, Please speak the named nurse in charge on the day of your clinic appointment.

If you are on medication

Please bring a note of your medication, including the name and dosage of the medicine(s) you take, as well as any questions you want to ask, to all your Outpatient appointments. 

Attending a hospital appointment

Please read the the following regarding Covid-19 measures at our hospital sites before attending your appointment:

Attending a hospital appointment [pdf] 103KB